Ascent Tutors was created by Sara Desouki-Sholle and Kathryn Brickell with the goal of providing exceptional tutoring services at affordable prices.

We are both highly experienced teachers in a broad range of subjects including foreign languages, sciences, math, history, music and others.

One of the reasons we love working in this business is because of the benefits we see it bring to our students. Tutoring doesn’t just improve self-esteem and confidence – it helps contribute to a better future.

Just a little academic support at the right time can have a huge influence. Tutoring can make all the difference in the world, leading to higher rates of employment, higher earnings, and a better likelihood of completing high school and college.

Too often we’ve seen inexperienced and unqualified tutors struggle to work with students in need of help. Our mission with Ascent Tutors is to ensure that each student gets an expert who can help them grow and achieve their true potential.

At Ascent Tutors, we also bring our years of business experience to play in providing the best possible customer service. We do everything we can to make sure you have a good experience with Ascent Tutors. From the moment you first reach out to us, we’ll pair you with a personal education specialist, whom we guarantee will be courteous, professional, friendly, organized, and ready to help you out with anything you may need – from your first phone call to your final session.

If you’re worried about your performance or your child’s performance, or if you’re worried about keeping up in school, college acceptance or entry into the right high school, then you need to reach out to us today. Our tutors have the expertise, the experience, and the knowledge to make sure that you or your child does the very best possible.

It’s our experience that every student can excel when given the right kind of personalized attention. Only a private, dedicated tutor can hone in on what you or your child needs and provide the one-on-one attention and personalized instruction that can make the difference between scraping by and passing with flying colors.

The Ascent approach to learning

  • Our tutors evaluate each student before preparing a lesson plan.
  • Lessons begin at the earliest point where the student fully grasps the material.
  • The tutor develops and implements more challenging lesson plans at the quickest rate the student can handle.


Ascent offers

Expert Tutors
Study at Home
Flexible Scheduling
Moderate Prices
No Contract
Wide Range of Subjects
Customized Lesson Plans
Modern Approach
Careful Student-Teacher Matching
Satisfaction Guaranteed