When you call Ascent Tutors, you can be sure that you’re going to get the best tutors in the New York area. We specialize in connecting students with all sorts of tutors, but today we’ll be talking specifically about arithmetic tutors and the subjects they work with. Math is not always the most popular subject with students, but it’s one that can help the most in a lot of the most lucrative careers out there today. Bankers, doctors, computer programmers – all need to know basic arithmetic in order to advance through their education and succeed in their careers. Even lawyers need to know math!

Arithmetic is one of those words that’s harder to define than you might think. Everyone knows what it means, but coming up with a formal definition is harder than you might think, especially given all the different fields of mathematics. Simply speaking, math is the study of numbers, fields, space, and quantifiable change – that is to say, change that can be talked about in terms of numbers. While it is its own study, and mathematicians often drive many of the technological and theoretical advances in many fields, math also is woven thoroughly into the fabric of many other studies, including all of the sciences and even other areas, such as art and philosophy, where you might not expect to find it. Your math tutor with Ascent Tutors will not only be teaching you numbers for numbers’ sake, but rather the role they play in all of the other disciplines that make the world go round!