Sometimes a student struggling with math classes – especially the early levels, such as algebra or even geometry – is not struggling due to any inability to handle the topics being presented, but rather due to miscomprehensions or uneasiness with the basic math skills that underlie all of the higher-level studies.

At Ascent Tutors, we specialize in finding tutors who can help every student achieve his or her full potential – and sometimes, we find that this means retraining students in basic math computation and math skills.

This type of training can have extraordinary benefits, especially when children receive it during their earlier years. Recent research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that third-graders who received math tutoring were substantially and significantly quicker and more accurate in solving problems than their peers. This age – 8 to 9 – is especially crucial in acquiring the skills that lead to greater success later on in life. Further research, conducted in Chicago, found that at-risk students who received this type of tutoring not only did better on standardized tests, but failed fewer classes and were as much as 150% more likely to graduate on time. One can only imagine the benefits towards children with fewer obstacles at home. The type of tutoring offered in this study – intensive, one-on-one tutoring – is the same type that we specialize in at Ascent Tutors. Other test-prep and tutoring programs herd children into large classes, but we believe that every child has a different method and pace of learning, and that through individual attention and the development of a personalized regimen, students can thrive.