Biology, simply speaking, is the study of life and living things. Easy enough to say, but when you break it down, it offers a wide array of fields, any of which can lead to a lifetime of study and discovery. So if you need tutoring in the New York area, it’s worthwhile to familiarize yourself with some of the basic domains of biology.

One of these domains is cell biology. This area of study is addressed at several different levels as students progress through their science lessons in the K-12 schooling of the New York area. On the simplest level, it addresses the basic types of cells and the organelles that populate them. On more complex levels, it addresses the intricate processes that take place within cells, including RNA transcription, cellular respiration, apoptosis, and others.

Another domain is the study of genetics. Pioneered by Augstine friar Gregor Mendel in the 19th century, genetics deals with the heredity and variability of traits as expressed in living species. Genetics can answer questions as simple as “how likely is a couple with different colored eyes to have a baby with a certain eye color” and as complex as “how can we engineer mice that grow human ears on their back?”

Multiple other areas of biology exist, including taxonomy, ecology, anatomy, marine bio, and others, and Ascent Tutors can help you find a tutor ready to offer science lessons in the New York area. Give us a call today to get started.