Calculus is one of the most-feared subjects students typically face during their time in school. Often used as a symbol of anything highly advanced, calculus, simply put, is the study of change. While its invention is typically credited to Isaac Newton – who famously is said to have discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head – recent research has shown that the story isn’t quite as simple as it was thought to be. Gottfried Leibniz, who Newton originally had accused of plagiarism, independently came up with a lot of the ideas that form the study as we know it today.

Calculus is typically divided into two major areas: differential and integral. While the difference between the two branches is too complicated to do justice to in this short space, suffice it to say for the moment that integrals involve finding the area underneath a curve and differentials involve the slope of a curve at any point along its length. From these relatively simple ideas comes a whole world of complex mathematics, including most of modern physics , including Einstein’s famous theory of relativity (E=mc2), and a fair amount of the economics that most college students study. Medicine also relies on this study in several instances. While it may initially seem brain-bendingly difficult, with a good calculus tutor, you’ll soon be integrating functions with the best of them. We offer the best of the best – tutors who have mastered the subject and are capable of helping you reach the same heights. Call Ascent Tutors today to get started.