Before starting chemistry tutoring in the New York area, it pays to think for a bit about what this subject really is. In its most basic sense, it is the study of change. However, that’s a description that’s a little too vague to be of real use to someone thinking about the topic in anything more than a superficial way. If you’re thinking about science tutoring, whether in New York or anywhere else, you’re probably going to need a better definition. Chemistry, then, is the study of the substances that make up the world around us – what they’re made of, how they behave in different circumstances, and how they interact with each other.

It can be divided into a whole host of sub-subjects, including organic, materials, nuclear, forensic, and others. But if you’re looking for K-12 level chemistry tutoring in the New York area, you’re probably looking for basic chemistry – and for this, there’s no need to seek out an Austrian PhD with a thick head of wavy white hair, a cluttered lab, a strong accent, and a propensity for explosions. Ascent Tutors has already done the work for you. Relying on the enormous amount of skilled professionals, high-level students, teachers, and researchers in the New York area, we’ve recruited a pool of skilled teachers capable of giving science tutoring to anyone. Whether you’re worried about you or your child passing a Regents exam or just doing well in middle school classes (or even trying to ace the Chemistry AP Exam), we’ll send a talented and friendly tutor directly to you – in no time at all, you’ll feel comfortable with the topic! Give us a call today.