In today’s fast-paced, competitive world we need to be strategic about how we learn as well as how we apply our knowledge. I’ve organized three areas of study – Digital Literary, Attention Training and Management and Meta-cognition that I consider the most important for the challenges that lay ahead. These subject areas can be explored individually, but when they are woven together they are mutually reinforcing and synergistic. These strands can build learning strategies and improve productivity for mastering any academic subject or independent project.

Digital Literacy

The new digital technologies offer many ways to amplify our own natural abilities as well as to tempt us with a seemingly infinite series of distractions. Digital literacy skills are now a crucial part of preparing students to meet the challenges of a global marketplace. Understanding the inevitable issues raised by the use of these powerful technologies is also important for our online safety and well-being as we become responsible digital citizens.

This module covers:

  • How to analyze and manipulate information streams.
  • How to evaluate the quality and credibility of online information.
  • What are the repercussions of privacy and identity online.
  • How to setup and use online research and productivity applications.
  • How to think like a programmer.

Attention training and management

Learning how to effectively employ our attention in this digital environment is now the critical skill in the 21st century. As sources of distraction and information increase so must our ability to skillfully manage our attention in service of our goals. The results of many neuroscience studies and research projects of the last decade provide some answers to anyone interested in optimal learning and peak performance.

This module covers:

  • To obtain optimum results, how long should we study or practice?
  • When is multitasking helpful and when is it harmful?
  • Understanding how we pay attention affects the quality our learning and performance.
  • How to enter into a state of flow(optimum performance) and stay there.


Learning how to learn is arguably one of the most important skills you can master. Small adjustments can sometime lead to big improvements.

This module covers:

  • Learning the methods of good study habits.
  • Simple and easy ways to improve memorization.
  • Understanding and applying the learning strategies used by elite performers.