Since the dawn of time, humans have always been curious about our environment. Earth science is the study of the planet on which we live. For students studying in the New York public school system, this type of tutoring usually is tailored to make sure they succeed in the Regents exam, which covers a bit more than just Earth – it also handles general planetary dynamics and some meteorology.

Earth science tutoring will bring you up to speed in several scientific fields, including geology (the study of the substances that make up the Earth), meteorology (the study of weather), ecology (the study of different types of climates and biospheres), and even the basic astronomy of our solar system. Earth science lessons, therefore, are a great way not only to make sure you do as well as possible in this one particular class, but also a way to get you a head start on some of the science courses you will probably find yourself taking later on in your academic career.

At Ascent Tutors, we have taken advantage of the enormous amount of skilled scientists, teachers, researchers, and high-level students in the New York area to recruit a pool of talented, vetted, and effective tutors capable of making your tutoring as easy and fun as possible. Whether you need lessons for yourself or for your child, we’ll work with you to provide a local specialist who will come up with a personally-tailored lesson plan designed to get you where you need to go. Give us a call today if you’re ready to start your earth science tutoring in the New York area.