While the individual topics differ, essay writing in the realm of history is not all that different from essay writing in an English or Literature context. Many of the same principles of effective writing apply, including developing a robust thesis; supporting your argument with citations, facts, and quotations; and ensuring that your spelling and grammar is impeccable. Ascent Tutors can help you achieve your full potential in this area, using our skilled writers to make essay writing for history a breeze.

One of the aspects of essay writing that students often have the most trouble with is the thesis statement. Perhaps the best way to describe this portion of your essay is that it is your argument. Therefore, someone should be able to argue against it! Let’s say you’re asked to write an essay about the Revolutionary War. “Without France’s involvement, the United States would never have achieved independence” is a thesis statement. “France was involved in the Revolutionary War” is not. The reason for this is that the first could be disproved, or at least attacked with contrary evidence. The second couldn’t, because it’s simply a plain statement of fact. This is a core element of good essay writing – unless you’re specifically told otherwise, assume that you should be producing an argument rather than a plain recitation of facts paraphrased from a textbook. The thesis statement, however, is just one of many elements of good essay writing, and lessons from Ascent Tutors can help make sure that you have a thorough grasp of all of them. We’ll work with you to make sure you have this skill – and others – down pat.