As a parent, one thing you probably already know is how much influence you have on your child. Education is no different than any other area in this respect. Reading to your children doesn’t just expand their world and enhance their imagination – research has shown it can boost their IQ by as much as six points! Playing and counting games can lay the foundation for more complicated mathematical instruction later in life, and taking your child to museums, parks, and zoos, can instill the curiosity that drives the world’s great thinkers and doers.

At Ascent Tutors we suggest keeping “screen time” to a minimum. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children younger than 2 avoid television, tablets, and computers entirely, and that older children limit their screen time to one or two hours of high-quality content a day. Alternatives, such as reading, imaginative play, and social interaction, are better for long-term development.

No matter where your personal level of education lies, you can make a difference in your children’s progress by remaining supportive, asking questions about what they are learning or wondering about, and provoking them to ask questions and critically consider the world around them. If your children see the importance you place on school and education, it will help them put a high value on it too.

One of the most important elements of success in school-age children is basic organizational skills. In order to get the most out of tutoring, children need to be able to keep track of when their assignments are due and when upcoming tests/quizzes will be, as well as what they will cover. They should be able to keep track of papers and assignments in a system of folders/binders, as well as to know what homework assignments are due when. Another thing you can do as a parent to help prepare your child for success is to ensure that your child has access to pens, pencils, notebooks, and any other school supplies s/he may need, such as rulers or protractors.

Your Ascent tutor will support you in these efforts to keep your child intellectually challenged, engaged with the world, and living up to his or her full potential

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