Working with Ascent Tutors means working with the best tutors New York City has to offer. We search for the most qualified teachers in every subject we offer so that you or your child can excel to the heights you know you’re capable of. Today we’ll be talking a bit about geometry. This type of math usually comes after algebra in most of the New York school system progressions, and, basically speaking, can be described as the study of shapes, space, size, and relative position. It is the core of many branches of science, including astronomy and chemistry, and plays a strong role in art as well.

The word “geometry” itself comes from the Greek “geometron,” meaning “earth measurement,” and indeed, the ancient Greeks were some of the first geometers. The famous Archimedes, notorious for his engineering inventions, including a screw that could bring water up from a container and a mirror that could allegedly set attacking ships on fire, was one of the forefathers of this field, and Rene Descartes (he of “I think therefore I am” fame) was also a more recent innovator in the area, coming up with the idea of the “coordinate plane” that lets students map out where shapes and points are in numerical relation to each other. Interestingly enough, triangles, while technically shapes, have their own field of study, called trigonometry, that is usually taught separately from geometry. Regardless of whether you’re an expert who just needs a few pointers or a total novice, Ascent Tutors can find you a tutor who will make your geometry lessons fun and easy.