The intricacies of the world of the past are a great way to understand the world of the present. If you or your child have ever wondered why there’s a small patch of Russia in Eastern Europe that isn’t connected to the rest of the country, why South Africa has a tiny country embedded entirely within its borders, why the border between Saudi Arabia and Jordan has a huge zig-zag in it, or where the world’s earliest recorded civilization emerged, then history is the discipline that holds all these answers. [Briefly: that patch of Russia, the Kaliningrad Oblast, was ceded during the Potsdam Accords that brought World War Two to a close; Lesotho, the country embedded in South Africa, cut a deal with the British that led to their becoming an independent state; Winston Churchill allegedly hiccupped while drawing the line that would become the border between Saudi Arabia and Jordan; and Mesopotamia, in modern-day Iraq, is believed to be the cradle of modern civilization].

The study of history is a compelling one – however, its pursuit can end up being pretty difficult for some people. There are many dates and names to remember, and it can all be a little baffling for some, especially if it’s an area that you don’t find particularly interesting. History tutoring can be a great way to help out with these difficulties. A great history tutor can make the past come alive, so that dry and dusty dates become living events in your memory. Even New York is rich with historical events in its past – at one time, New York was the capital of America, and many important battles in the Revolutionary War took place here. History tutoring can not only help you or your child if you are struggling with the subject in school – it can make your home’s past come alive to you.

It isn’t always easy to keep all the facts and dates in your head – that’s where history tutoring comes in. A great history tutor isn’t just a repository of times and names – s/he is someone gifted with a passion for the subject and a talent for helping others share that passion. Too often history is presented in a fashion that is dusty, dry, and frankly humorless. There is so much more to the world of history that can make it a captivating subject in the hands of the right teacher. That’s why we at Ascent Tutors strive to offer history tutoring that makes the subject fascinating and lively so that you or your child can come to appreciate all it has to offer. So if you’re looking for history tutoring in the New York area, give Ascent Tutors a call today.