The study of literature is a deeply rewarding and powerful process that can teach the reader/student an enormous amount about the world. However, the study of literature is one of only a few fields that can also teach the student about him or herself. Derided by some as irrelevant or impractical, the study of literature, to the contrary, creates culturally literate citizens aware of the heritage of their language and nation, empathetic to the plights of others, knowledgeable about issues and perspectives different from their own, and capable of finding refuge in the world of books.

However, it isn’t always easy. In the study of literature, a good connection between teacher and student is even more important than it is in other fields. When a teacher is not reaching the student, literature tutoring can fill in the gap and awaken the passion for reading and literature in the student. Often a simple change of perspective – sometimes prompted by a brief conversation or even a single sentence – can turn an uninterested and apathetic reader into an avidly engaged one. Literature tutoring can not only improve your child’s grades in this area, it can also nurture his or her soul.

At Ascent Tutors, we have recruited a cadre of skilled and educated teaching professionals who care passionately about what they teach. Among them are many lifelong readers who appreciate literature on both an academic and a personal level. We find, frankly, that these individuals are especially suited to providing literature tutoring to our students. So if you’re ready to set an appointment for you or your child, give Ascent Tutors a call today!