Out of all the topics that students commonly study in the New York school system, math is one of the most dreaded subjects. How it got to be this way is unclear, but it’s beyond question that math is a “love it or hate it” subject. Students who don’t immediately gravitate towards it often find it alienating, confusing, and deeply unpleasant. Sometimes students who do extremely well in other subjects, such as English or History, still do poorly in math. Sometimes students start out doing well in earlier math classes but then gradually lose ground as they start introducing more difficult and complex concepts, such as algebra, trigonometry, and geometry.

Math tutoring is one of the most commonly requested areas of tutoring, and it’s especially important in this domain to find a tutor who is expert not only in the topic of math, but also in the science of teaching. It’s all too easy to find someone who is an expert in differential calculus or topology who may be a wizard in his or her field, but is utterly incapable of teaching basic algebra to a high school student. At Ascent Tutors we pay special attention to math tutoring when looking for tutors who aren’t just gifted in their field, but who are also gifted in the unique skill of conveying information in a relatable and easy-to-understand fashion. There are lots of tutors out there, but not all of them have this ability, so we talk to previous students to get their feedback on the math tutoring skills of the tutors we interview. Only those tutors who are rated highly by their references in math tutoring skills join the ranks of Ascent Tutors. Fortunately, the New York area is rich with talented teachers and math wizards, as in other areas of the country it might be more difficult to find teachers with the requisite skills both in math and in math tutoring.

Whether you or your child is struggling with basic math or advanced, Ascent Tutors can provide math tutoring all the way from basic elementary school arithmetic to the advanced Calculus AB and BC Advanced Placement exams that make students eligible for college credit. There’s no need to struggle, throw your pencil down, or curse the name Pythagoras – math tutoring is an easy way to render these complex and difficult concepts easy to understand and approach. Within a month or two of math tutoring, you or your child will feel noticeably more comfortable with the material, and grades will start to improve. Math tutoring can be as short as a few catch-up sessions to help a comfortable student come to grips with a particular topic they are finding especially challenging or as long as an extended course of tutoring designed to help a dedicated math-hater find his or her way with the topic. So if you’re looking for a skilled New York area math tutor, give Ascent Tutors a call today.