Our staff of professional tutors will help your child succeed in their education with a step-by-step approach so the student may progress through the levels rapidly.

At the first session, your tutor will evaluate the student and then begin studies at a point that the student grasps well.

From there, your tutor will build gradually, not staying at one level any longer than is necessary.

The tutor will be sure the student grasps the concept being taught before moving on.

Each student is different and our tutors recognize this and creatively develop an individualized approach to teaching the student effectively.

This approach reduces stress for the student and builds the student’s confidence.

At Ascent Tutors, we actively seek the talented tutor who will present the material to be learned in a skillful manner so that the student fully comprehends the topic at hand.

We’re committed to helping students succeed in their education.

Ascent Tutors specializes in reading, math (from the basics through calculus), writing, study skills and SAT preparation.

Call or contact us online today and connect with one of our knowledgeable and friendly Education Specialists!

1 You’ll be given a free consultation in which the student’s needs will be noted.2 You’ll be contacted within 48 hours with the bio of our suggested tutor.

3 If you approve, your tutoring sessions will be arranged promptly.

You’ll always deal with the same education specialist who will be available on an ongoing basis to answer questions and concerns.

Ascent tutors are highly motivated and dedicated teachers. They are experienced tutors possessing a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Many of our tutors possess a Master’s degree, a PHD and/or education degree.

Ascent tutors must pass extensive screening processes. They are required to major in the subjects they teach. At their hiring interview they are required to submit their college transcripts and copies of their standardized test scores. In addition, all tutors have passed our customized Ascent Tutors qualification and eligibility exams designed to confirm the extent of their knowledge in their field.

Our tutors have passed a background check and will have a friendly personality and great communication skills.

Your Ascent Tutor can help students to complete homework, prepare for tests and aid in all other learning needs at the grammar school and college levels such as developing good organizational skills and study habits.