Most Americans are at least familiar with the concept of phonics from the famous “Hooked on Phonics” commercials that aired frequently in the 1990s and early 2000s. Phonics is a way of teaching children to read and write by breaking down words into their individual “phonemes” – that is to say, their individual sound groups. Anyone who was encouraged to “sound it out” when encountering a difficult word as a child is already familiar with the concept of phonics at its most basic. This is one of the basic techniques of phonics tutoring.

While phonics can be frustrating at time when encountering words that are not spelled logically – have you ever stopped to consider why “though” or “receipt” are spelled the way they are? – phonics tutoring and teaching in this method remains a time-tested way to teach children to read and write with expertise and ease. It is immediately understandable and approachable, even to young children.

Elsewhere on this site we mention the benefits of reading tutoring. It is clear to us that phonics tutoring has many if not all of the same benefits. Expert readers – whether they learned by phonics or another method, such as the “whole language” school of teaching – are more likely to succeed in life, hands down. Therefore, phonics tutoring has the ability to concretely improve your child’s life both now and over the long term. At Ascent Tutors we specialize in connecting you with professional, skilled, friendly, and effective tutors who can provide the phonics tutoring your child needs to succeed.