At the root of all the other sciences, undergirding them, stands physics. This type of tutoring is especially popular among all types of science tutoring in the New York area because the topic relies so heavily on math that it can be difficult without a firm foothold on both. Essentially, it is concerned with matter – its behavior and its movement through space and time. Unlike chemistry, this subject (for the most part) is not particularly concerned with the type or substance of matter – it’s concerned with its behavior as matter.

Physics tutoring is one of the oldest types of tutoring – if you start it, you’ll be participating in a grand tradition that stretches all the way back to Ancient Greece or even, if some historians are to be believed, to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization in modern-day Iraq. Many of the principles behind modern-day physics were discovered thousands of years ago – atoms, for example, are believed to have been proposed by Greek natural philosopher Democritus in ~400 BCE. Greece may be a long way from New York but the principles of this science apply to everyone and everywhere in exactly the same way – that’s part of what makes it a fascinating study.

While it may initially seem challenging, a course of tutoring can bring rewards to anyone from a middle-school student struggling with introductory physics to an Advanced Placement scholar seeking to ensure a good grade on the exam and thus a few college-level credits. At Ascent Tutors, we have a host of skilled New York-area tutors ready and waiting to help you or your child – give us a call today!