Every student in a New York State public high school knows these words: Regent Examinations. Some dread them, a rare few eagerly anticipate them, and everyone knows that when they come, it’s best to be prepared. Since we focus on the New York area, Ascent Tutors is intimately familiar with the ins and outs of Regents prep. We know how important they are and recruit tutors who not only are experienced teaching Regents prep, but also excelled on the exams themselves when they took them in high school.

The Regents exams have been a fixture of New York life all the way since 1866. Over the almost 150 years they have been around, the Regents have covered topics as mundane as science, reading, and math and as obscure as costume draping and agricultural science. Today, the Regents cover the main subjects taught in New York public schools. There are four primary areas of examination, three of which are divided into separate tests. Mathematics includes Geometry, Mathematics B, Algebra, and Algebra II/Trigonometry. English Language Arts has only one exam. Science is divided into four exams: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Social Studies is divided into Global History/Geography and US History/Government. Foreign languages were at one point topics that had Regents exams of their own, but budgetary constraints have since led to their elimination.

The Regents are usually offered in January and June, with an additional summer school session of exams in August. Thus, Regents prep usually reaches a fever pitch over winter break and right before the end of the school year. However, at Ascent Tutors, we feel that it is best not to wait until the last minute. It is our experience that students get the most benefit out of a Regents prep regimen that starts at least two months before the tests are to be administered. Ideally, a tutor will work with a student from the beginning of the semester, following his or her progress in the course to ensure that the Regents exams will come as no surprise and that the student is fully confident in the material that will show up on the exam.
Success on the Regents exams doesn’t just mean graduation from high school – it also demonstrates to colleges that you are an accomplished and competent student capable of starting work at the college level. An Advanced Regents diploma, earned by completing additional courses of exams, can be another entry in the “plus” column on a college application, and our accomplished team of tutors can walk you through the whole process. We recruit tutors who have not only taught Regents prep, but who have taken the Regents themselves – so they know what you’re facing. Whether you’re struggling with the Regents exams or you’re simply looking for a leg up, a course of Regents prep with Ascent Tutors is just the ticket to ensuring academic excellence.