US History is often one of the most interesting subjects for students who enjoy the field of history. After all, it deals mostly with events that happened right here in America! Especially in the New York area, there’s a concrete sense of connection between many of the most important events in American history and the places we see and travel through every day. The Battle of White Plains – a particularly important battle in the Revolutionary War – took place in what is now a Westchester suburb. The George Washington Bridge makes landfall in Manhattan near what used to be “Fort Washington” – the famous general’s Manhattan fortification. The Triangle Shirtwaist fire, a galvanizing event that spurred the international labor movement, occurred in downtown Manhattan. Even some of the town divisions in the area have their roots in US history – Hempstead, in Nassau County, was once split in two by anti-British rebels in the north and loyalists in the south.

With the right help, US history can really come alive, even for students who struggle with it initially. A great tutor can make the past come alive, showing the student the connection between what initially seem like dusty and dry details and the living present we inhabit today. At Ascent Tutors we specialize in carefully selecting the right tutor for the right student to ensure that anyone can experience the passion and dedication that great scholars have for their chosen field. Even if you or your child never become a historian, a good history tutor can help you understand why someone might want to. At the very least, they can help you achieve the success you’re capable of!